Our Services


U.S. Plumbing provides full-service plumbing and repair.  Our expertise is making repairs in older homes that have an older plumbing system.  We have all the tools and knowledge to provide proper maintenance in older homes.  Old or new, do not hesitate to call "US."
  •  Bathroom Remodel (small or large)
    • Vanity top and cabinet replacement
    • Bathtub replacement (cast iron and non-cast iron)
    • Bathtub to shower conversions
    • Faucet (shower, sink, and bathtub)
    • Any and all fixtures
  • Kitchen
    • Remove, replace, and relocation of plumbing for new countertops
    • New appliance installation, hoods/venting, full ranges, electric to gas conversion (see Special Services).
  • Basement
    • Let us help you get your new basement bathroom completed.
    • Wet bar
    • Sump pump
    • Sewage ejectors
  • Water Heaters (gas or electric)
    • Tankless
    • Hybrid
  • Gas Piping (see Special Services)
    • Gas lights
    • Gas/electric back-up generators
    • Gas fireplace and grill
  • Gas furnace/boiler repair or replace
    • We have an extensive background in gas appliance control, repair, and service.  Do not hesitate to call to have your furnace repaired instead of replaced.


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